Uluru, Ayers Rock, Red Rock in Australia

Uluru at sunset
Uluru at sunset

This is a long post: first a dedication to my loving aunts, then a few sketches from my teen years, and lastly, photos of Uluru, Fuluru, and Muluru.

A Few Words on Postcards

This post is dedicated to 2 yee, 4 yee and 6 yee.  這偏奉献給二四六姨的。

As a child, I received postcards from my aunts when they travelled. It’s a keepsake that has travelled miles away, are stamped, postmarked, and carried by the hands of the mail person to my door. The handwritten note and tongue-licked stamps signify an effort of thoughtfulness. Although it costs less and travels faster to hand carry the postcard home (likewise with emails), it just isn’t the same. Maybe I’m old-school, but I really appreciate and absolutely like receiving postcards in the mail.

My Sketches from 1999/2000

In 1999, the 15 year old me flipped through a magazine looking for photos to use as inspiration for my sketches (one of the few homework assignments I enjoy). It must’ve been a National Geographic magazine featuring Australia, because I based 3 of my sketches on Australian icons – the red rock, koalas, and the kookaburra bird. When I think of my sketchbook, that picture of the Red Rock is the one that pops up. My Australian adventure would not be complete without visiting the red centre, the red rock, a.k.a. Ayers Rock, a.k.a. Uluru.

Left: Kookaburra oil pastel sketch, May 2000. Right: Kookaburra, Dandenong Ranges, Dec 2014.
Uluru with coloured felt pens. Koalas with graphics pencils.
My sketches of Uluru and koalas, 1999. I can see why I didn’t get into art school.

Uluru / Ayers Rock

How do I feel when I am at Uluru? To be honest, I am indifferent. I’m not hit by a wave of emotions, of fascination, nor of feelings of having been there. It is nice.

The colours aren’t as vibrant as I expected. It depends on the sun rays.

Being up close is nicer.

Uluru, up close.
Uluru, up close. Hiking around the perimeter, approx. 2 hrs.
Uluru, up close.
Rocks at Uluru.
Uluru up close.
One can climb Ayers Rock. It is not recommended due to its sacred nature to the Aboriginal people.
The sunrise is quite amazing.

Fuluru, Kata Tjuta & Muluru

Fuluru in the distance
This is Fuluru, Fake Uluru, aka Mount Conner, from a distance.
Kata Tjuta, aka the Olgas, from a distance.
Muluru, me and Uluru. Photo taken by Claire.

Thank you.


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