Gujo in Gifu Prefecture


Gujo is not on my radar, but it is amazing and possibly my favourite. Thanks to my friend Yuka, and the extended friends K, K and A for taking me there and being my translators.

This is Yuka, who I join with for dinner afterwards.

First we visit a limestone cave, near Gujo.

A Busty Limestone Cave

The Kanji translates to “Beauty Mountain Bell Breast Cave”.
Left: Posing under a limestone (in the shadows) that looks like a deity. Right: Walking the many pathways and stairs in the cave.

My new friends claim it is very cold inside, but I think it is the perfect temperature, especially when it feels like 30ºC outside.

Here are the limestone deity boobs.

It is customary for the Japanese to worship the deities in these caves– to promote love, marriage and child birth. There are also 3 bulging limestones stacked up on top of each other that pregnant women are suggested to touch for good luck (or something like that). Didn’t snap a photo of that.

Cave exit.
Lovers’ sanctuary. A bell for lovers.
The view.

Inedible Food?! Food Replicas

Japanese restaurants are famous for displaying food replicas by their windows. Many of these are produced in Gujo Hachiman for no other reason than the first workshop opened here.

We visit Sample Kobo, one of these workshops.

Left: Lady making fake nigiri rice triangles. Right: Ice cream with wooden spoon floating above it.
Other replicas include prawn nigiri, eel, natto, wasabi plant, green tea ice cream cone, raw meat, tamago nigiri, sashimi, peeled mandarins, noodles with chopsticks suspending above them…

Some of them look so real, it almost feels cruel for them not to be edible.

Dancing the Night Away, Gujo Odori

Around the time that I visit, Gujo celebrates their biggest festival, Gujo Odori festival. It is a dance festival that spans over 2 months, where – at its most intense– is 4 nights straight of non-stop dancing, from 8pm-4am. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to witness it.

The streets of Gujo Hachiman

Stepping into a River, Fisherman’s Life

And when the dancing does not take your breath away, the serenity and beauty of this place will.

Fishermen standing in the shallow waters of the river.

Gujo 郡上市

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