Melbourne Attractions: Rated – Part 2

Laneways and Alleys I forgot to mention this one on my poll. I would give it a 5. It is quite the feature of Melbourne – cafés in laneways, walls of ever-changing graffiti art. For my Top 5, see my previous post. Here are the other attractions on my poll.

Hosier Lane

Melbourne Attractions: Rated – Part 1

A few months ago, I thought it would be fun to write a post on Melbourne Attractions, until I got lazy and fell into idle mode. Better late than never, so here it is! I polled a few of my friends and included their average rating, as well as number of votes (5 participants total). I covered mostly attractions around

Alice Springs, Australia

I am back in Vancouver for a few weeks already. I really wish my posts are all written and my photos all shared before my return, but that’s not the case, and I still want to write about them, so bear with me. Allow me to reminisce for a few more weeks. This post is dedicated

Darwin, The Tour Begins

Our tour begins in Darwin. In this post, I cover the ancient Kakadu National Park, the sacred Aboriginal Rock Art, and the towering Termite Mounds of Litchfield National Park. Kakadu National Park We drive past swampy land, on a road where we are not to alight due to crocodile dangers. The land was once hopeful rice

Cuteness Overload: Kangaroos, and other animals

This post is dedicated to Evan, because he was expecting to see kangaroos on my previous post on Kangaroo Island but there weren’t any. I’ve gathered a few kangaroo photos and photos of other animals, in hopes that it will make up for his disappointment. Kangaroos

More Pics! From Kangaroo Island

Kangaroo Island is an island about 2-hour drive from Adelaide. It is the third largest island in Australia, after Tasmania, and Melville Island. Yes, there are kangaroos on this island. No, I did not take photos of them. Because kangaroos are all over Australia, they are not the highlight of the Kangaroo Island tours. The

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