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Food in Singapore

For the next 2 weeks, I’m going on a trip around Australia with the funnest people I know. So while I’m away, I’ve prepared for you a trip from last month– out of Australia and into Singapore. Where best to start off with than FOOD? Alas, Food in Singapore! Singapore has four official languages – English, …

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V for Vegetarian: Restaurants

This post is dedicated to Joa, who is already a vegetarian, to Miss C, who is recently vegetarian, and to Mom, who I know one day will also become vegetarian. I’d also like to thank Facebook friends for naming this post. Credits to Adrian B. for this one. The title can easily be “For the love of animals”, …

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2 Weeks Vegan

“I’m going vegan for 2 weeks.” My housemate challenged us to a 2-week vegan pledge. I am all game for it. I even said I’d continue veganism if it goes well. Why, you ask?  Because we (by ‘we’ I really mean my housemate) feels strongly about the maltreatment of animals in the process. I didn’t research deeply …

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Melbourne in One Day

Starting off with crumpets for brunch and ending with a delicious seafood claypot, I take Lillian on a tour in Melbourne CBD. This trip plan starts around 10:30am and ends about 7pm. Time is allotted for sleeping in. This post is dedicated to Beastie, her beef, and AliG because they’ll be missing out come December. Suggested pace: allegretto, a …

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