Chugoku (Hiroshima)

How to Adapt to Japanese Customs

Adapting to the Japanese Culture Even though I am raised in a western country (Canada) I thought adapting to the Japanese culture would be easy since I have Asian background. How wrong I am. Japanese Customs: Unwritten Rules When I first arrived, I stayed with my friend Haruka’s family for a few days. I knew that Japanese …

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Onomichi Temple Run

Onomichi has lots of temples. Here are a few of them: Trip planning for Japan? Trip planning can be stressful. I’ve used the Lonely Planet Japan 14th Ed.: 14th Edition on this trip and it has helped me loads. If you plan on buying one anyway, why not purchase through my affiliate link? Thanks!

Miharashi-tei, Revived Architecture in Onomichi, Hiroshima

The Story of My Luggage The most ridiculous story I probably have is how I lug around a 20kg suitcase in Japan, anticipating a 6 month journey. I like to think I’m a seasoned traveller, but I still overpack. Tip: If you need to off load some clothes you can donate them at H&M clothing store.

Onomichi, Ice Cream & Sweets

Onomichi is a small port city in the Hiroshima Prefecture. I stay here for 4 nights to explore Hiroshima and its surroundings because I couldn’t find a suitable accommodation in Hiroshima city itself. This will be first of 3 posts on Onomichi! Along with a magnificent view, here are some of the things I discover in

Hiroshima, What We Think About It Now

Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum My friends suggest to me that the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum depicts an omniscient view of the war, not one-sided, that it was well done. I think I’m missing something. Or maybe I’m expecting more, like the omniscient view that Japan played a hostile role in World War II. It isn’t that kind of omniscient. It’s omniscient in that it

Miyajima, Torii Gate At Sea

Miyajima Island houses the Itsukushima Shrine, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is very accessible from Hiroshima. I use the JR Seishun 18 Pass* to get there, and it allows me to take the JR ferry across as well! *Seishun 18 Pass provides 5 days of unlimited JR rides. They do not need to be consecutive days,

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