Kansai (Osaka, Kyoto)

How to Adapt to Japanese Customs

Adapting to the Japanese Culture Even though I am raised in a western country (Canada) I thought adapting to the Japanese culture would be easy since I have Asian background. How wrong I am. Japanese Customs: Unwritten Rules When I first arrived, I stayed with my friend Haruka’s family for a few days. I knew that Japanese …

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Day Trip to Kobe, from Osaka

Looking through my photos I realize I accidentally skipped Kobe. Kobe is less than an hour train ride away from Osaka. It’s known for Kobe beef, beef that melts in your mouth. I cannot attest to that, but here are some other attractions in Kobe: Port of Kobe Chinatown in Kobe There are 3 Chinatowns in Japan;

Travelling is Best Paired with Human Connection

I’m losing a bit of zing in my travels. You know, that I-can’t-wait-to-see-this-and-do-that zing. Do you ever get that? In my solitary travels, I learn this truth about myself: Travelling is best paired with human connections. I dedicate this post to G. How I miss thee. Sometimes, I try to relate my experiences with those on Alone.

Hiking in Osaka: Minoh Falls

About 30 mins by train from the city center, Minoh Falls is an easy hike from the Mino-O Station. Here, one can immerse themselves in nature with lush green and the fragrant scent of wood. I meet up with my friend Yuki and we hike north towards the waterfall. It takes us about half an

Cycling and Bathing in Osaka

Cycling to Osaka Castle “Ooh-Meh-Gu-Loo”, said the Japanese man. Carmen and I repeat, “Ooh-Meh-Gu-Loo”. We are told that there is only one bike left for rental and that would not be enough for the 2 of us. He gives us the big X gesture with his two arms, like this: And advises to go to another

Osaka: Dotonburi & Around

Dotonburi Sometimes written as Dotomburi, Dotonburi is the most popular tourist destination in Osaka. It’s a busy place with crazy big signage. Parallel to it is the Dotonburi canal. It’s neat to walk along there, a lot of shops and restaurants. Shinsaibashi Shopping district. Need I say more? Just minutes from Dotonburi. Amerika-mura (aka Ame-mura) Marked by a

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