New Zealand

I visited New Zealand in 2015, after my work holiday in Australia, for ~2 weeks.

It’s a land of great wonders. Here are my picks:

New Zealand: Auckland

Crater City Auckland: most populous city in New Zealand. I realize I’m a city girl and I am city deprived when I get to Auckland. People. Skyscrapers. Traffic jams. It is a relief to see the hustle and bustle of life. I let myself absorb this epiphany, and hence there are not many photos of Auckland.

New Zealand: Hobbiton

The Magical Movie Set Hobbiton exists. I’ve been there. But no, you can’t really go into the Hobbit Holes. Some have just enough space so you can go in. The indoor scenes you see in the movies are all shot in the studios in Wellington. When you see what one can accomplish, you feel like anything …

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Rotorua & Maori Experience

Rotorua is famous for their geothermal pools, ie. hot springs and the smell of sulphur. At first, the smell does not bother me, but around Day 2, it becomes a little too much. The North Island also inhabits the majority of the Maori tribes. To get the Maori Experience, I visit Whakarewarewa Village.

New Zealand: Wellington & Tongariro Crossing

Wellington: In Search of Chocolate Milk Boss tells me that one thing I ought to try in New Zealand is the Lewis Road Chocolate Milk, because rumour has it that they have security guards enforcing the 2 bottles per customer limit. That good, eh? Let’s find out!

New Zealand: Fox Glacier & Punakaiki

Natural Phenomena I discover a phenomenon while travelling/staying at hostels in Australia and New Zealand. Whenever I ask someone (most had blonde hair and fair skin) where they are from, they return with a smile, maybe a roll of the eyes, and reply with a reluctant, “Germany.”

New Zealand: Milford Sound

Fiordland National Park: A Majestic Journey Milford Sound is one of those places where whether you go on a stormy day or good, you will still see something marvellous. On a stormy day, you may see waterfalls flying upwards. On a good day, you will see plenty of waterfalls. Our day starts out grey, but turns out sunny. …

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