Heaven for vegetarians. Well, vegetarians who like Asian food.


Vegetarian Food in Taiwan

As I end the last part of this 7-part series on Taiwan, I present to you with more Taiwanese vegetarian food! SuFood Vegetarian Restaurant At SuFood Vegetarian Restaurant (舒果) in Kaohsiung, they have set menus that include appetizers, entrées and desserts. Since we are a large group, you will see a variety of selections. Although I would like

Taiwan: Pier 2 Art Centre

Pier 2, located in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, is an abandoned warehouse site turned art district. It is marked by the gigantic yellow characters 駁2, Pier 2, on a watch tower and many colourful statues/sculptures. I am not sure what they signify, but here they are! It’s so colourful it makes me happy. Upside Down House Similar to the

What a Tree House looks like in Taiwan

Question of the day: Is the Anping Tree House a tree with a house in it or a house with a tree in it? Welcome to the Anping Tree House. Inside the House From the Top If there is one word to describe what I see, it would be: possessed. So, would you call this

Taiwan in Green

Summary: A boat ride in nature and a full course vegetarian meal. Boat Ride on the Sicao Green Tunnel 四草綠色隧道 There are cranes, crabs and other animals which I am not able to capture. The boat ride in this mangrove is pleasant and I’d recommend it. Chi Kan West House, Vegetarian Restaurant I wouldn’t say the dishes

An Ping, Taiwan

Taiwan: Sweet & Salty

Today I’m featuring more flavours! Sweet Desserts The origin of bubble tea / pearl milk tea is debatable. Two teahouses have claimed to be originators. One of them is in Tainan, Hanlin Tea House. Their bubble tea is quite good (maybe still too sweet for my liking). Did you know the ingredient for the tapioca –

Alishan of Taiwan

My friend JP used to sing a Taiwanese folk song called “Ali shan de gu niang”. It was a popular song* about the women of Ali Mountain. The song was in Mandarin and JP was of East Indian background. I am always amazed at her talent especially because I can’t even sing a song in English. (I’m horrible with lyrics.)

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