favourite activity in japan

Mount Fuji and tori gates

I climbed Mt Fuji, 2016

Yes I did. Open during the summer months, Fujisan (Mt Fuji) is the quest for hikers visiting Japan. It will cost you a small fortune, about 10-12 hours of sleepless night, and strong determination. I found 2 avid travellers online who also wanted to climb Mt Fuji. Thus we set off on August 10, 2016,

Cycling and Bathing in Osaka

Cycling to Osaka Castle “Ooh-Meh-Gu-Loo”, said the Japanese man. Carmen and I repeat, “Ooh-Meh-Gu-Loo”. We are told that there is only one bike left for rental and that would not be enough for the 2 of us. He gives us the big X gesture with his two arms, like this: And advises to go to another

Sumo Wrestling

Watch Sumo Wrestling in Japan

If you want something, make it happen. I bought 2 tickets, one for me and one for my friend. Unfortunately, my friend worked late so she couldn’t make it. Fortunately, I found a lone man lingering around the ticket booth that said “today’s match sold out”, and I made my first scalping transaction. LOL, at face

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