A Thousand Splendid Suns

Thank you Stella for commenting on my last post. I’ve been putting this blog on the back burner for some time now and I haven’t made time to continue. Your comment was a happy surprise, a little nudge that I needed. So, this will be a special post. I dedicate this to you, because coincidentally



___ ___ ___ Whytecliff Park, West Vancouver

Steveston, where once a upon a time is / was filmed

Once Upon A Steveston

What: Steveston Fisherman’s WharfGarry Point ParkBritannia Shipyard National Historic Site Once Upon A Time Film Locations Steveston is not a long commute if you live in Vancouver and have access to a vehicle. That’s why I am surprised to find that my friend Manami, who has been here for over a year, had not been there. Furthermore,

Museum Of Vancouver: Vancouver’s Past and Future

What: Museum of Vancouver When: Tuesday – Sunday, 10am-5pm; Thursday til 8pm Where: 1100 Chestnut Street, Vancouver, BC Canada V6J 3J9 The Museum of Vancouver has 2 exhibits: one of the past of Vancouver and one of the future. The experience is reflective and heart-felt. All those times perusing through another country’s museums, glistening on the frost of someone

Vancouver Police Museum

Who: Vancouver Police Museum What: Museum When: Tuesday – Saturdays, 9am-5pm Where: 240 East Cordova Street Vancouver, BC V6A 1L3 Price: $12 Adult; $6 Child (See all) “Arresting Experience” More like Unresting… …in an exciting way, like being Sherlock Holmes, in the 1950’s, in Vancouver. To my surprise, it is more interesting than I

Vancouver Convention Centre: West Building

Who: Vancouver Convention Centre, West Building What: Public tour, 45-60 mins When: Year-round, once a month, usually a weekday in the morning Where: 1055 Canada Place Vancouver, BC V6C 0C3 Canada Price: FREE, book on the Contact page. This is the Vancouver Convention Centre, West Building, not to be confused with the East Building, VCC

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