Japan: Final Post, What We Learned

Final Post, the road to Mount Kuramon Peak from camp
The road to Mount Kuramon Peak from camp

After a three month journey, a six month process to catalogue the journey, and 700 photos later, we have arrived at the final post.

What we have learned

What we haven’t learned

  • My brother-in-law and I met up at one point.
  • I don’t like to eat natto.
  • Getting a haircut is one of the many things I like to experience when abroad.
  • I never rode on the bullet train during my trip.
  • My Japanese is as good as someone who doesn’t know it.
  • One can learn a lot about the Japanese culture watching Terrace House. Yes, they have Netflix in Japan.

I also learned to cherish every moment with friends.

Brad and I at Mount Kuramon
Thanks Brad (Shark/Tiger/the World Traveller)!
Mount Kuramon, Daisetsuzan
And thanks to all who joined and followed me on this trip! You’ve added so much more colour to my adventures.

And finally…

I learned that when there’s no ticket booth attendant at the top of the ski lift, and you think they are so kind to let you take the ski lift down for free, it’s wishful thinking.

Final Post: Taking the ski lift down
Hopped on happily thinking we got a freebie. Hopped off surprisingly escorted to pay at the bottom.

Oh well, we were glad not to have to hike the rest of the way down.

Life can be a roller coaster, make sure you laugh in between.

Bai for now!

1 thought on “Japan: Final Post, What We Learned”

  1. Thoroughly loved every thoughtful, informative entry and every beautiful photograph. We sure did learn a lot, and what we didn’t learn we now know. Great adventure! Makes me wanna go!

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