Throwback Thursdays!

#tbt Perú 2012: Part 2

A continuation of #tbt Perú 2012. Curating photos One difficulty I have with writing my blog posts is I have too many photos I want to share, and not enough time to process and write about them. I initially want to limit 10 pictures max. I later decide to be more flexible but it is still difficult. …

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#tbt Perú 2012

It’s Throwback Thursday! Side Note: Apparently, the #tbt hashtag was in use since 2011.  I think I’ve only heard of it last year. Makes me feel so dated. Another note: I’m stoked to learn the abbreviation tl;dr, which means “too long; didn’t read”. It was used on a Google documentation to summarize important points. So cool! (Yes, I …

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