Introducing Narita, Japan

Most people know Narita because it’s one of two international airports in Tokyo. (The other one is the smaller Haneda). Fortunately for me, my friend Haruka lives there and invites me to explore her hometown. Thank you Haruka!

Not just an airport

Omotesando Road leads right to Shinshoji Temple. It has lots of small shops.
Like this one.
Shinshoji Temple.
Wash yo’ hands before you go in.
This waterfall is situated in the garden by the temple.
Narita is famous for peanuts. This rice cracker peanut snack isn’t as nutty as I expected; it’s more like bean paste.

That’s Narita in a nutshell. It’s a small city, a good start to what’s to come next.

If you have ideas or questions about Japan, feel free to comment. I may even dedicate a post to it.


5 thoughts on “Introducing Narita, Japan”

  1. So awesome to see new travel posts. Looking forward to more!

    Where you do work on these blogs? In your living space or co-working/coffee shop places?

    1. Hi Tony, I blog in my living space… apparently, it’s not common to work on laptops in cafes. Well, there are internet cafes too.

  2. It’s possible that “wash yo’ hands before entering the temple” is now “sanitize your hands”…

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