New Zealand: Fox Glacier & Punakaiki

Natural Phenomena

I discover a phenomenon while travelling/staying at hostels in Australia and New Zealand. Whenever I ask someone (most had blonde hair and fair skin) where they are from, they return with a smile, maybe a roll of the eyes, and reply with a reluctant, “Germany.”

I find this quite funny, and can now attest to their findings: the Germans are everywhere. Young and older, they all like to travel. Perhaps a reciprocal trip to Germany is due in the near future, so I can try that German bread they all miss.

This post is dedicated to the Germans I met along the way: ones who hiked and hitchhiked with me, who gave me Strepsils for my cough, bunked and shared with me their experiences and laughter.

Fox Glacier, Global Warming

There used to be more ice here.

Punakaiki, Hiking & Pancake Rocks

Lilli hikes with me at the Pororari River Track.
“The Pancake Rocks are a heavily eroded limestone area where the sea bursts through several vertical blowholes during high tides.”– Wikipedia
High tide is around noon. This is the before shot.
Boom! Blow holes.




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